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Customers Reacting To Nightmare On Edgewood

Ray from WISHTV tries to scare up a new job

FOX59 Is At Nightmare on Edgewood

The ScareFactor Visits Nightmare On Edgewood

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WishTV Visits Nightmare on Edgewood

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“Nightmare on Edgewood left us out of breath and thoroughly satisfied.” - The Scare Factor

"The actors at Nightmare on Edgewood can (and will) touch your hair, grab your shoulders or arms, even try to pull you onto a gurney or operating table while you walk through the rooms." - WISHTV

"Nightmare on Edgewood is the place to go for the ultimate fear-seeker in Indiana." - Do317

“One long thrill ride from start to finish.” -

"The interactive set designs are what really set this place apart for me. Everything from spinning merry-go-round floors, to finding ourselves inside a crane game machine. The cast of relentless characters there consisted of everyone from hulking pig men, sinister hospital staff, toxic mutants, all the way to Barney the dinosaur. Definitely NOT your average neighborhood haunt." - The Haunt Finder

"This was by far the most interactive and amazing haunt I have ever been to. I loved every terrifying minute of it and I can’t wait to go back. Nightmare on Edgewood is super fun and super scary!" - Indy With Kids

"If you’re looking for an intense haunted house in Indianapolis that’s sure to deliver some intimidating and creative scares, then Nightmare on Edgewood will most certainly deliver!" - The Scare Factor

“This haunt will rough you up a bit; it’s not for the meek.”
NUVO  (also from NUVO: A Trip Through Nightmare on Edgewood

"Some of the craziest actors we've ever seen!" - Hallowoosh

 #4 on The Haunt Finder's Top 5 Haunted Houses (2019)

Hardest Haunt to Escape Alive, The Scare Factor (2019)

Scariest Haunt in Indiana, The Scare Factor (2018 & 2017)

Voted Must-See Haunt by Haunted House Indy (2017).

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