October 24

Nightmare on Edgewood: Bigger, Badder & More Extreme

Nightmare on Edgewood has been long known for being Indy’s only full-contact haunted house; traumatic scares, blood and in-your-face actors. Some folks roll just fine with that … some do not.

“You are paying to be entertained … you want to be scared,” Paul Cook reasoned. “You talk to a lot of customers and they’ll tell you that’s why they come here, because they do put their hands on you. Some folks don’t like it … that’s absolutely fine. This may not be the place for you.”

Nightmare on Edgewood, established in 1978, utilized the pavilion at the Edgewood Little League, becoming a guaranteed yearly fundraiser for the league. As many October-themed haunts popped up across the city – coming and going with regular frequency – Nightmare on Edgewood built a solid reputation of longevity as ‘Indy’s Most Intense Haunted House!’

In 2008 it went independent. The Cook brothers acquired the haunt in 2009, changing the theme very little, yet managing to add their own personal touches (semi-trailers and pole barns) as the years rolled into the present. 2019 has become the year of change with the haunt moving to a new location on the near Southside of Indianapolis. The brothers cite multiple reasons for the move, and the opportunities that a now permanent, year-round home presents: “We’ll be able to remain open seasonally throughout the year (not just at Halloween) and extend our regular season in the fall. We’ll also have more time to spend preparing our show,” Paul Cook offered.

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