September 30

What is a Full Contact Haunted House?

There are lots of haunted attractions in Indiana, but how do you find the scariest haunted house in Indy? If you’re looking for something more intense than your standard walk-through, no-touching spook house, try going to an interactive haunted house this year. Keep reading to get a better understanding of what an extreme haunted house entails.


Any haunted house that uses words like extreme, intense, hands on, interactive, physical, etc. to describe their event will have a different explanation of what exactly that means. It should be posted on their website and/or at the gate. If it’s not posted make sure you call, email or reach out via social media to ask.

Some things to be aware of:

  • Some places have safe words, others do not.

  • Some will only brush your shoulder, while others may pick you up and toss you on a bed.

  • Some will have you sign a waiver, others will not.

  • Some will let you opt in/out of physical contact, others will not.

The make-believe world stops being fun when the boundaries between real and pretend get blurry, so make sure you go in with an understanding of what makes the attraction extreme and interactive.


Keep your hands to yourself as you move through the haunted house. Do not put your hands on props, as they are not designed for touching, and it is very likely you could break them.

Do not touch the actors, either. They are trained on appropriate ways to touch strangers; you are not.


It is much easier to get to the root of an issue if it’s handled on the night it occurs, while the details are still fresh in everyone’s minds and all parties involved are present.

If you have an unpleasant experience while at the haunted house, seek out management before you leave the premises. In many instances, the problem can be fixed in that moment. In the rare chance that it can’t, you’ll want to make sure to exchange contact information.


Nightmare on Edgewood has always been a full contact haunted house, and always will be as long as it’s under the command of co-owners and brothers Kevin and Paul Cook.

Safety is at the forefront of all guest interactions, particularly when it comes to touching. In addition to background checks on all actors, the scare team is taught what’s appropriate for touching (hair, shoulders, calves and ankles) and what’s not (chests, butts, knees and bear hugging). They’re also warned about the zero tolerance policy for complaints related to inappropriate touching.

Unlike some haunts who only allow key characters to get physical with customers, everyone on staff has touching permission at Nightmare on Edgewood. Nightmare on Edgewood does give certain characters special permission to go above and beyond with R-rated language and more extreme physical interaction, but always with safety as the top priority.

The actors will not harm you at Nightmare on Edgewood, but it is considered to be one of the most intense haunted houses in the area. While our show is not for everyone, we think you’ll find ours to be among the scariest haunted houses in Indy.

With that in mind, here are a few other things to consider about Nightmare on Edgewood’s interactive experience:

  • Nightmare on Edgewood does not have a safe word, but you can exit (without a refund) at any point in the attraction.

  • Nightmare on Edgewood is Indy’s most intense haunted house, so our level of physical contact ranges from a brush on the shoulder to separation from your group to getting pinned to a wall or bed.

  • You are not required to sign a waiver to enter Nightmare on Edgewood.

  • You can not opt out of physical contact at Nightmare on Edgewood. Everyone will be touched!

The best you can do to prepare for an interactive, hands-on haunted house is to make sure you understand their rules and have a clear understanding of the boundaries (or lack thereof) you’re about to have crossed inside the attraction. Read the information supplied, ask unanswered questions and get ready for an exciting experience!