August 27

House of Trepidation Joins Nightmare on Edgewood

Two of Central Indiana’s Most Recognized Names in Haunted Entertainment Consolidate in Neighboring Larger Building

House of Trepidation, which opened in 2015, will now operate within the halls of Indy’s longest running and most intense haunted house, Nightmare on Edgewood. To accommodate the merge and to elevate the guest experience, the upgraded haunted house is moving next door to a newer, larger building.

“We’ve been neighbors with House of Trepidation for two seasons now,” said Nightmare on Edgewood co-owner Kevin Cook. “After getting to know their builders and actors, we were quick to bring them onto our team when the opportunity presented itself.”

Cook’s brother and co-owner Paul Cook added, “We’re keeping the same name and intensity we’ve been recognized for over the past 40 years but layering in the special talent that made House of Trepidation unique.”

One ticket to Nightmare on Edgewood grants admission to three separate haunted attractions, one of which pays homage to House of Trepidation by keeping its namesake.

In the first attraction at Edgewood Sanitarium, you’ll help the hospital’s patients escape deranged doctors and their inhumane medical experiments. In House of Trepidation, the 2nd attraction, you’ll have to outsmart murderous psychopaths waiting for you inside the state-condemned home. And lastly, in Conley Farm, you’ll need to do your best to blend in as you navigate Old Man Conley’s dilapidated barnyard and stables - we wouldn’t want the workers to mistake you for a runaway hog, now would we?

Return for a different experience on November 5th and 6th when we turn the lights out, fill the haunt with classic horror villains like Freddy Kreuger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers, and send you through in total darkness!

Established in 1978, this season marks Nightmare on Edgewood’s 43rd year in operation. The Cook brothers acquired the haunt in 2009 and continue to uphold its reputation as Indy’s Most Intense Haunted House. Nearly 50 volunteer actors bring Nightmare on Edgewood to life each season, while an additional 12-15 staff (including volunteers from the Greenwood Fire Department) assist with parking, ticket sales, and general maintenance and management of the haunt.

Open Friday, Oct. 1 – Saturday, Nov. 6 (Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays). Gates and ticket booth open at 6:30 p.m., haunts open at 7 p.m., and gates close at 10 p.m. on weekdays and 12 midnight on weekends. Tickets start at $25 for all three attractions. Fast Pass tickets are $40. Coupons, tickets, and the official season schedule are available on the Nightmare on Edgewood website.

Nightmare on Edgewood proudly supports the local community by giving to local Boy Scout troops 266 & 264, Pink Ribbon Connection, Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents, Haunters Against Hate and many other event fundraisers. For more information on how these funds benefit the community, please contact Danielle Look (317-899-9619;