November 28

Holiday Nightmares

Guess who’s home for the holidays?! 

Jason, Freddy, Michael, Leatherface & all the rest of your favorite horror icons return to wreck the halls of Nightmare on Edgewood for one weekend only! 

This December 10 and 11, we’re running all three haunted attractions (Edgewood Sanitarium, House of Trepidation, Conley Farm) with a special yuletide twist. You’ll be in true jingle hell as you work your way through festive scenes of holiday horror and carnage.

Many people wonder how Holiday Nightmares is different from our regular season show in October. We run all three of our attractions from regular season but dress them up with Christmas lights and holiday decor. We also bring back all the most beloved horror movie icons (Freddy, Jason, Michael, Pennywise & more) and other seasonal characters like evil elves and sinister snowmen.

Nightmare on Edgewood - Holiday Nightmares 2021 Dates and Hours