Frequently Asked Questions


When are you open?

Click here to see our complete schedule for Holiday Nightmares.


How many attractions are included on one ticket?

Three: Edgewood Sanitarium, House of Trepidation & Conley Farm. Read more about each of them here.


How is Holiday Nightmares different from your regular season show?

We run all three of our attractions from regular season, but dress them up with Christmas lights and holiday decor. We also bring back all the most beloved horror movie icons (Freddy, Jason, Michael, Pennywise & more) and other seasonal characters like evil elves and sinister snowmen. 

How much does Nightmare on Edgewood cost?

$25 for General Admission tickets. $40 for Fast Pass tickets.

What is a Fast Pass? 

A Fast Pass ticket guarantees half the wait of the main line.

Are there refunds? 

Sorry, no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Do you accept credit cards? 

Yes. Nightmare on Edgewood accepts all major credit cards.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. Groups of 15-20 get $5 off. Groups of 20+ get $10 off. Group pricing is only available for our $25 general admission ticket. Call, text or email for more information.

Do you offer military discounts?

Yes - $5 off General Admission tickets with military ID at the door. Discount applies to that individual only. 

How can I purchase tickets? 

How can I save money on tickets? 

Sometimes we post haunted house coupons here. You can also sign up for our VIP fan club to get exclusive deals on tickets in your email.


Outside The Haunt

Does it cost money to park? 

No, it does cost anything to park. However, we have VERY LIMITED parking on-site. Carpooling and ride-sharing is encouraged.

Can we come in an RV/Bus/Limo?

Yes. The most important thing is that you get here. 


Should we carpool?

Yes - we have limited parking onsite and appreciate carpooling and ridesharing.

Is the waiting area outside?

The ticket booth is outside, but the waiting area is mostly inside. It may spill outside on busy nights with long lines.

Do you have food?

We have sodas, chips, candy and hot chocolate for sale.


Do you sell alcohol?

No. No alcohol is permitted on haunted house property.

Do you sell merchandise at the haunted house?

Yes, our merchandise booth is at the end of all three attractions where you can buy Nightmare on Edgewood gear. You may also purchase your reaction photo in the merchandise booth. (Note: reaction photos are NOT available online.)

Is smoking allowed? 

Smoking is only allowed outside. Once inside, no smoking or vaping is allowed.

Can I carry my gun?

No. Due to the physical nature of our haunted attraction, there is a possibility it could fall out of your possession and be found by another customer. Please leave them at home or in your vehicle.

Is Nightmare on Edgewood outside?

No, all of our attractions are indoors.

Are you open if it rains?

Generally, yes. Check our social media accounts or call/text (317-899-9619) to confirm.

Do you have security on-site?

Yes, we have security on staff every night.

How long are the lines?

It can vary from minutes to hours. Lines are generally shorter earlier in the evening, such as when we open at 7 pm. We always recommend coming early to avoid long lines.

Will I be searched before entering?

Yes. All bags will be searched at the door and all customers will be checked with metal detector before entering the venue.

Inside The Haunt

Is Nightmare on Edgewood scary? 

Yes. We are Indy's most intense haunted house. Check out our reviews and testimonials here to learn more. 


Will I be touched?

Yes, we are a full-contact haunted attraction. You WILL be touched.

Are there strobe lights, smoke and fog? Is it dark?

Yes. People who may be sensitive to extreme conditions, including: fog and smoke, strobe and other intense lighting, the dark, and sudden loud noises should not visit Nightmare on Edgewood.


How large of a group can enter the haunted house?

Groups vary in size from 2 to 6.

How long does it take to go through?

The time varies from group to group, but the average time to complete all three attractions is 30-40 minutes per group. The question is, how fast can you run?


Can I video or document my experience?

No photos or videos may be taken once inside the haunt. You are welcome to take photos outside while you wait in line. Don’t forget to check out our Snapchat filters & tag us in your Instagram posts!

If you are a member of the media, please contact to request special photo and video accommodations.

What if I get too scared inside the haunted house?

Tell our actors at any point in time if you feel you need to exit; they will escort you out of the attraction immediately. (NOTE: you will not receive a refund if you do not make it through the entire attraction and exit early.)


Could I be thrown out? 

Yes. Violation of any of our rules—including touching the actors—could result in your removal from the attraction with no refund.

Is there a minimum age requirement to go through the haunted house?

All ages are welcome; however, the event is an extreme haunted attraction; please use discretion when bringing young children.

I'm pregnant, should I go through the haunted house?

We do not recommend pregnant women go through the haunted house, as we are an interactive haunted attraction.

If I have asthma, epilepsy or heart issues, can I go through the haunted house?

We do not recommend people with asthma go through the haunted house. If cleared by your doctor to go through the haunt, bring your inhaler or another device that may help you breathe better, as we have numerous fog and haze machines throughout the haunt. Persons with epilepsy & heart issues should also exercise caution in deciding to participate in Nightmare on Edgewood. We only want everyone to have a safe time.

Am I required to wear a face mask for Covid-19?

The Indiana Health Department recommends everyone wear a face mask when inside public spaces, regardless of vaccination status. However, we are not requiring face masks for entry.



Are you wheelchair accessible? 



I want to do a story on your attraction. Who do I contact?

Please contact


How can I work at Nightmare on Edgewood?

Click here to apply or email about becoming an actor or staff member.

What happens if I lose something inside the haunted house?

Please do not bring items of value into the haunt, as we unfortunately cannot stop the attraction to search for them. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items and therefore recommend that you keep your wallet, cell phone, and keys in a very secure location. If you lose an item, please leave your information with the ticket booth in the event that we find your lost item(s).

Will I end up on your website or social media pages?

Maybe! Our staff might approach you for a photo or an interview before or after you enter the haunted house, which could then be posted to our social media pages. If you don't want to, please feel free to decline. It is also possible that your photo might be taken inside the attraction, but will only be available to you in our gift shop at the end. We do not post most of our reaction photos online. However, because commercial photography and filming activities are conducted at Nightmare on Edgewood Haunted House, entry onto the grounds, into the facility, and/or use of an admission ticket constitutes your consent for Nightmare on Edgewood to use any pictures or films it takes that you may be in without compensation.