Three Haunts.
One Location.

Nightmare on Edgewood is home to three terrifying haunted attractions all at one location. Learn more about the individual attractions below. 

Edgewood Sanitarium

Edgewood Sanitarium closed its doors to the criminally insane over 40 years ago when an undercover journalist exposed the staff for inhumane practices on patients. It's said that the victims of those malpractices still walk the halls of the vacant hospital to this day. The locals always warn teenagers and thrill seekers to stay away from the haunted hospital, but they never want to listen. (They never make it back home, either.)

House of Trepidation

This ancient mansion (once inhabited by the late, great Dr. Eugene Belle and his wife Elizabeth) is an Indianapolis historical legend. Initially the site of Belle’s bizarre medical experiments, the house was later home to a number of violent psychopaths and their unfortunate victims. The state of Indiana had the building condemned after the fifth murder in as many years, and claims it will soon be demolished... but the longer they wait, the more local residents keep disappearing.

Conley Farm

Despite repeated warnings and citations from the FDA, Papa Conley kept right on using those deadly pesticides and fertilizer in his fields. Now all the farmhands (and some of the livestock) have developed weird disfigurements and are going mad from the chemicals. Try to stay calm and blend in as you navigate through our dilapidated barnyard and stable; wouldn’t want the workers to mistake you for a runaway hog!